Sound Acoustic Solutions carries many types of insulation fasteners for attaching and hanging all types of sound insulation products, from anchors, adhesives to more permanent attachment. You will find a wide array of items for your project.

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  • Dome Caps

    Dome Caps (2)

    Sound Acoustic Solutions stocks insulation dome caps in white, black or aluminum that can be used for capping off insulation hangers. Whether you are using lacing anchors, weld pins or insulation anchors, cap off the end with one of these choices.
  • Insulation Hangers

    Insulation Hangers (5)

    No insulation project would be complete without the necessary insulation fasteners or anchors. SAS stocks various types of insulation hangers for your next sound insulation project. See what is available in stock below.
  • Self Locking Washers

    Self Locking Washers (3)

    Complete your installation project with one of the many types of self-locking washers that we stock. Whether you need square, rounded or rectangle, we have you covered with one of these options. See what is available in stock below.