Get the Best Acoustic Performance with SilentFiber™ Products. The items featured here offer some of the best acoustical performance per inch, per pound, and per dollar. For superior acoustical performance, our SilentFiber™ Mineral Wool Board is the best broadband absorber choice.

SilentFiber™ Mineral Wool Acoustical Benefits
• Effective Sound Absorption: Eliminate unwanted boundary reflections with SilentFiber™ Mineral Wool Board. Improve signal-to-noise ratio in any space with SilentFiber™ Mineral Wool Board and achieve NRC ratings up to 1.10! Acoustic wool is also extremely fireproof with a melting point of 2,150˚F.

• Easy Installation: SilentFiber™ Mineral Wool Boards are a great choice for custom installations or DIY acoustics. Rockwool is easily cut to size with a utility knife or shears and can be wall or ceiling mounted. Acoustic wool can also be used to create soffit or corner bass traps.

• Low-Cost: SilentFiber™ Mineral Wool Board is priced at a lower cost than alternative absorbers. It is both affordable and highly effective. Sound Acoustic Solutions will provide you with the sound of silence while remaining within your budget.

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