Mineral Wool Board

SilentFiber™ Mineral Wool Boards are made from natural stone and recycled content providing superior sound absorbency and fire protection. These boards are an excellent fire barrier, easy to cut with a serrated knife and are resistant to water, rot, mildew and bacterial growth. Additionally, they carry the Greenguard certification.

Mineral Wool Boards offer the best acoustic performance per inch, per pound and per dollar. For superior acoustic performance, and the best broadband absorber of choice on the market consider these boards.


Specification SilentFiber™ Mineral Wool
Specs SFW4.4.37×48 SFW6.2.24×48 SFW6.3.24×48 SFW6.4.37.48 SFW8.2.24X48 SFW8.3.24X48 SFW8.4.49X96
Thickness 4 inches 2 inches 3 inches 4 inches 2 inches 3 inches 4 inches
Density (Pounds per Cubic Foot) 4 6 6 6 8 8 8
Size (inches) 37 x 48 24 x 48 24 x 48 37 x 48 24 x 48 24 x 48 49 x 96
Package Quantity 3 10 5 1 7 5 1


Effective Sound Absorption: Eliminate unwanted boundary reflections with SilentFiber™ Mineral Wool Boards. The boards are excellent at controlsling excessive room reverberation and eliminates slap-echo between parallel surfaces. Additionally, improve signal-to-noise ratio in any space and achieve NRC ratings up to 1.10. Boards are fireproof with a melting point of 2,150°F.

  • Non-corrosive
  • Fire resistant
  • High impact resistance
  • ASTM E84, ASTM C 1104, ASTM C 518