Mass Loaded Vinyl Acoustic Barrier


SilentWrap™ is a flexible Mass Loaded Vinyl Acoustic Barrier that can be used to dampen sound and vibrations in walls, ceilings, HVAC ducting, and anywhere noises need to be arrested. While it is a very thin product, it reduces the transmission of airborne noises by adding mass to the structure to which it is applied. Unlike drywall, metal, or wood, SilentWrap™ is a flexible, yet dense polymer barrier manufactured from post-industrial recycled content.

What is it?
Mass loaded vinyl is a heavy sheet product, in comparison to its thickness, made of a type of vinyl that is supplied rolled up. Our Silent Wrap mass loaded vinyl is available in different thicknesses, 1/16”, 1/8” and ¼”. 1/16”, or half-pound weight per square foot is the most economical. 1/8” is the most common and weighs 1 pound for every square foot. ¼” is the thickest mass loaded vinyl we offer and produces the max noise-blocking available. ¼” is also the heaviest weighing 2 lbs for every square foot of material. Each thickness has its own noise-blocking power or STC rating. STC stands for Sound Transmission Class and is a laboratory test to determine the effectiveness of a product’s ability to block noise. Loosely translated, the STC number is the number of decibels that can be reduced. When deciding which Silent Wrap mass loaded vinyl is best for you, keep in mind that the rating is the reducing capability, not the end result. 

What problem does it solve?
Mass loaded vinyl will directly stop sound moving from one area to another. This can range from sound moving through a wall into another room to noise from pipes transmitting into the surrounding area. When choosing a mass loaded vinyl, you must determine if the noise that is impacting you needs to completely disappear (difficult to do) or do you want to muffle the noise so it isn’t as bothersome.

Where can this be used?
Mass loaded vinyl can be installed on virtually anything. MLV can be attached to walls, on top of ceilings, around pipes, on fences. The most common areas mass loaded vinyl is used is on top of grid ceilings to stop noise getting out and on walls either on the studs before drywall or in between sheets of drywall to stop noise penetrating through the wall.

Weight and thicknessSTCApproximate decibel level it will be reduce
½ Pound - Best Value20soft voices
1 Pound - Most Popular26Talking
2 Pound - Max Blocking Power31Road noise

How MLV reduces sound?
Sound waves create vibrations when they make contact with a surface. If the surfaces are hard, those vibrations transfer back into a room raising the decibel level. The vibrations are also subject to increasing in size and transferring to the air surrounding the outside of a room. If the structure were flexible or mobile, it would absorb the energy from the vibrations and disperse that energy, and this is where Mass Loaded Vinyl Acoustic Barrier is valuable.

Walls and floors are not typically made of flexible materials but are hard surfaces. MLV acts as a soundproofing barrier within the structure to prevent sound vibrations from leaving the space. The flexibility of mass loaded vinyl acoustic barrier is what makes the product an excellent barrier for vibrations, thus preventing the transmission of sound on floors or walls.

Need an MLV that has an adhesive backer to adhere to walls or floors? Our SilentWrap™ MLV with PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) would be an ideal solution at it adheres directly to drywall.

Popular Applications Include:

  • Home Theaters
  • Music Rooms
  • Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Basements
  • Places of Worship
  • Hotels
  • Healthcare Facilities


  • Will not cause shrink, rot, or cause corrosion
  • Easily cut with a utility knife
  • Specifically designed for sound isolation

Shipping Information:
Please be aware that SilentWrap™ is a dense material and therefore has some weight to it. The thicker the material, the denser and heavier it will be.

FREE Shipping on 4′ x 25′ (100 Sq. Ft.) Rolls!

Large Quantity Information:
MLV is a product that is very dense in weight and any qty. ordered over 1 unit will require special shipment arrangement. #1.5 and #2-pound MLV cannot be ordered online. If you need to order a large amount of SilentWrap™ Mass Loaded Vinyl? Please call us at 877-399-9697 for a quote.







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    Mass Loaded Vinyl anchors are our recommended way to adhere MLV to wooden studs or ceiling applications. They are designed with a wide washer head which will assist in dispersing the weight to prevent tearing. MLV should always be installed with these anchors and regular screws or nails should not be used. Sold in Boxs of 100 and a box of 1,000.

    • 12 gauge mild steel
    • 1″ in length
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  • SilentWrap™ Mass Loaded Vinyl PSA


    Pressure-sensitive Mass loaded vinyl is sold under our brand name SilentWrap™ Mass loaded Vinyl PSA and offers a method to efficiently isolate sound or reduce noise issues by as much as 88%. This product is ideal for commercial and residential spaces such as walls and floors. It allows for adhering directly to the wall or floor substrate. No nails or screws are required for installation. It’s one of the easiest way to hang mass loaded vinyl.

    • Easy Installation – Can be cut with a utility knife or shears and is easily installed under standard drywall, above ceilings or under carpeted or floating floors. No special tools or labor required.
    • Cost-Effective – Lower total cost than installing multiple drywall layers or pouring additional layers of concrete flooring
    • Green Product – SilentWrap is made from post-industrial recycled products
    • STC 26
    • Roll size 48″ x 25′
    • Weight (lb/sq.ft.) – 1.0
    • Meets ASTM E90-97

    Important Notice: SilentWrap™ Mass loaded Vinyl PSA needs a smooth surface to bond effectively.

    Visit our Mass Loaded Vinyl Acoustic Barrier page for other options and densities available to you for ordering. Need help with an order please call us at 1-877-399-9697. Please note that mass loaded vinyl by nature is a heavy material and we do not have any control over the shipping costs.