Acoustic Office Space Divider


The Acoustic Office Space divider is designed to offer a quick and easy acoustic solution in your home and/or office space where you need acoustic comfort. It is composed of glass wool panels upholstered with vinyl fabric. includes metal feet and magnets that allow multiple panels to join together creating a solid wall.

Acoustic Comfort

The space divider has a glass wool board as insulation, offering an optimal acoustic absorption for the different environments.

Easy to Install

A lightweight product designed to be used in any space. Easy to install it can be effortlessly relocated to the desired space and its fixing system allows configuration between panels to form acoustic barriers where needed


The Acoustic Office Space Divider is available in 5 different colors; Grey, Yellow, Brown, Green and Blue. Designed as an ideal solution for restaurants, offices, meeting rooms, study room and any space where acoustic comfort is needed.

High Resistance

Waterproofing product with high resistance to wear and durability to the light for the treatment given to the vinyl fabric as facing.

Fire Safety

The Dividers consist of Class A fire rated fiberglass board, covered with a vinyl cloth treated with fire retardant.

Set comes with 2 acoustic panels and 4 metal feet



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