Noiseproofing Joist Tape.


The Green Glue Noiseproofing Joist Tape is 100 linear feet long and available in widths of 1-7/16″ and 2-1/4″. It is effective at solving noisy floors caused by the rubbing of joists or subflooring.  Select the width appropriate for your floor joists. The Joist Tape must cover the width of the joists to be effective. Make sure all surfaces are free from dirt, ice, and water before applying the Noiseproofing Joist Tape.

– 100 linear feet per roll
– Available in 1-7/16″ width
– Available in 2-1/4″ width
– Roll diameter 16″

– Apply the Noiseproofing Joist Tape, adhesive side down evenly to the top of each floor joist. This can be done by hand or using the Green Glue Joist Tape Applicator
– Once the placement of the Noiseproofing Joist Tape is complete, apply the sub-floor as normal to joists after being affixed.

Important information:
– The use of construction adhesive is NOT possible when securing the subfloor. Joist Tape should be at least 50°F when applied for the adhesive to ensure the pressure-sensitive adhesive will function.
– Joist Tape is used to address squeaks when the subfloor rubs against the joists and does not provide other acoustical benefits.

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  • Green Glue Whisper Clips


    Green Glue Whisper Clips are designed to isolate mid to high frequencies and are excellent at addressing impact noise for interior spaces. Testing proves they are superior in performance to competitive clips. When used in conjunction with Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound, you can prevent over 95% of sound from passing through a conventional wall.

    Whisper Clips are designed for maximum low-frequency sound isolation in mind,  and will eliminate the bass sounds most commonly found with home entertainment and theater systems. Whisper clips cannot be short-circuited, unlike resilient clips, ensuring maximum sound absorption at all times. Clips do not require special drywall; regular off the shelf product and readily available hat channel are all you need.

    Whisper Clips work better, last longer and cannot fail in a fire — no need for double stud or staggered stud, wall assemblies. Clips are installed by screwing them into wall studs. The hat channel is then snapped into the clips and drywall is screwed into the channel.

    Green Glue Whisper Clips are sold in quantities of 20.

    Product Specifications:

    Width: 1.25 inch
    Height: 4.25 inch
    Depth: 1.125 inch
    Weight: .025 Lbs.
    Max Spacing: 48” on center
    Recommended Load: 36 Lbs. – Three drywall layers
    Max Safe Load: 46 Lbs. – Four drywall layers
    Fail Load: 300 Lbs. – 27 drywall layers



  • OSI SC-175 Acoustic Sound Sealant


    Sold individually in 28 ounces tubes.


    OSI Green Series SC-175 Draft and Acoustic Sound Sealant is a non-flammable, latex-based sealant specially designed to reduce sound transmissions and drafts in all types of wall systems where the sound-rated assembly is required. GreenSeries SC-175 is paintable, remains flexible and adheres firmly to wood, metal studs, concrete, drywall and most other building materials.

    OSI Green Series SC-175 Sealant can be used for commercial or residential renovations. Use it for exposed and unexposed applications at perimeter joints, floor and ceiling runners, cutouts in gypsum board, veneer plaster systems and other areas where a sound rated assembly is required. This sealant can also be applied or buttered around all electrical boxes and outlets, cold air returns, heating and air conditioning ducts and other equipment penetrating wall surfaces for increased acoustic performance.


    • Adheres firmly to wood, metal studs, concrete, drywall, and most other building materials.
    • Ultra low VOC formulation
    • Easy clean-up with water
    • Reduces draft and sound transmission
    • Paintable and flexible (non-slumping white paste)
    • Maintains Sound Transmission Class values


    • VOC Compliant
    • Designed for use on sound rated wall systems
    • Reduces draft & sound transmission
    • Permanently flexible
    • Easy application & clean up
    • UL classification R9732: UL 723
    • Service temperature: -5°F (-21°C) to 170°F (77°C)