SilentFiber™ Polyester Studio Kit


SilentFiber™ Polyester Studio Kit 8 pc. Live Stream/Podcast Studio Treatment

SilentFiber™ Polyboard is designed to reduce reflections and eliminate flutter echo to provide high quality listening and/or recording environments.  Installation is made easy with a double-sided adhesive backing, for a simple Peel-And-Stick installation process.  All columns should be placed near the sound source to reduce early reflections, and all squares should be scattered behind the listening position to eliminate flutter echo and reverberations.  Acoustic panels for absorption should be spread out 1′-3′ on average for treatment to work most effectively.  The main benefit of acoustic polyboard is that treated spaces receive more absorption with less material.  SilentFiber Polyboard is highly acoustically rated, yet lightweight and easy to install, making any treated space sound better and look better. Polyester acoustic board is one of the most cost-effective methods of acoustic treatment and noise control.  Polyboard is precision cut to exact dimensions (Columns: 1″x1’x4′ Squares: 1″x1’x1′). The SilentFiber Polyester Acoustic Room Treatment Kit (8pc.) is for rooms up to 100 sq. ft.  Kits can be combined for coverage of larger spaces. 

Home Theaters, Recording Studios, Live Stream Recording, Podcast Recording, Home Offices, and Noisy/Reflective rooms
 * double sided hanging adhesive included with kit * 
 • SilentFiber™ Polyboard is a sound absorbing polyester board made of synthetic fibers.
 • Polyboard is environmentally friendly and contains no formaldehyde, VOCs, glues or binders.
 • Polyboards are non-allergenic, non-toxic and they are lightweight.
 • Recycled content: 60% post-consumer content, 100% recyclable
 • Class A fire rated
 • Tackability: SilentFiber Polyboard has excellent tack qualities
 • Impact resistant: will not expand, shrink or warp with time
 • NRC 0.70

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  • SilentFiber™ Acoustic Wall Poly Panels


    SilentFiber™ Acoustic Wall Poly Panels is a polyester board wrapped in an acoustic fabric. The polyester board core is manufactured from 100% polyester fiber, bonded by using heat instead of traditional chemical binders. Glues tend to break down over time, releasing formaldehyde which may create health concerns. The Poly board core contains no formaldehyde or binders. An acoustic fabric is adhered to the poly board core with no extra chemicals for edge hardening.

    Product Information:

    • Available in gray
    • NRC rating of 0.70
    • 1 inch thick, 24 in x 48 in
    • 6 pounds density
    • Sold in packs of 10


    • Formaldehyde-Free
    • Environmentally-Friendly
    • No binding agents or odors
    • Made from 100% recyclable Class A Fire Rated material
    • No risk of skin irritation or respiratory problems
    • Naturally resistant to moisture, vermin, insects, mold, and bacteria
    • Extremely resilient and impact resistant
    • Can be used as a tack board


  • SilentFiber™ Acoustic Poly Plank


    Acoustic Poly Plank greatly helps to reduce in-room reverberations while visually creating artistic designs that transform a room by adding texture and color. They are Pre-cut planks of Polyester board made of over 60% recycled material and no chemical binders. Can easily be installed at home or office. Impact-resistant and works as a bulletin board/tack board.

    • Acoustic Poly Plank are 4”x16”x1” planks include pressure-sensitive adhesive backing for easy installation
    • Easy to create a 3D appearance by doubling up planks. Poly planks are precision cut to allow a seamless look when stacked on top of each other.
    • Mix and match different colors to make your own unique look

    • Class A fire rated
    • NRC 0.70
    • Packaged in quantities of 24
    • In stock colors of Grey, Light Beige and Black
    • 10.6 sq. ft. per box

    • Recording Studios
    • Podcast Studios
    • Live-Streaming Studios
    • Hi-Fi Listening Rooms
    • Yoga Studios
    • Offices
    • Gymnasiums

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  • SilentFiber™ Polyboard

    SilentFiber™ Polyboards are a sound absorbing polyester board made of synthetic fibers. Polyboard is environmentally friendly and contains no formaldehyde, VOCs, glues or binders. SilentFiber™ Polyboards are available in multiple thicknesses and densities. Polyboard contains no binders that can bleed through to expensive fabrics. SilentFiber™ Polyboards are non-allergenic, non-toxic and they are lightweight.  Available in: Black, Grey, Light Beige, White (custom colors available – just ask!)


    • Recycled content: 60% post-consumer content, 100% recyclable
    • Class A fire rated
    • Tackability: SilentFiber Polyboard has excellent tack qualities
    • Impact resistant: will not expand, shrink or warp with time
    • Zero VOCs