Perforated Base Insulation Hangers


Perforated Base Insulation Hangers are fabricated out of mild steel with the pin attached for impaling and installation on various acoustic materials such as fiberglass boards or mineral wool boards. These pins feature a 2 inches x 2 inches metal base with a vertical pin attached. The typical perforated insulation pin diameter is 12 gauge (0.105 inches diameter), and self-locking washers are used to lock the material to the pin. We stock various lengths of pins.

Insulation Hangers are generally mounted using general-purpose adhesive such as the Boss 180 Multi-Seal Anchor Adhesive.


  • Available in Mild Steel
  • Pin and plate manufactured from galvanized steel
  • 12 Gauge (0.105 inches) is standard
  • 0.105 inch diameter; plate: 2 inches x 2 inches
  • Standard Packs are:
    – 1,000 for 1 inch to 3.5 inches
    – 500 for 4.5 inches to 6.5 inches
  • Sold by the bag
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  • Round Self-Locking Washers


    Sound Acoustic Solutions stocks round self-locking washer that is manufactured of mild or stainless steel. These insulation washers mount on many types of insulation fasteners for holding insulation material in place. The gauge of the pin, or diameter, should match the fastener it is being affixed. Need fasteners? Browse our expansive offering of perforated based insulation Hangers here.

    Self-Locking Washers Round:

    • Diameter: 1 inch or 1½ inch
    • Material: Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
    • Plating: Galvanized
    • Edge: Bevel

    Need other choices of insulation washers? Visit our insulation fasteners page for more choices.

  • Square Self-Locking Washers


    Type: Mild Steel, Diameter: 1½ inches, Quantity: Bag of 200

  • Boss 180 Anchor Pin System Adhesive


    Boss 180 Anchor Pin System Adhesive is a one-component, moisture-curing adhesive formulated with USP Technology for adhering anchor pins to rigid boards, fibrous semi-rigid board, masonry walls, ducts, metal buildings, painted and galvanized surfaces. BOSS 180Multi-Seal has immediate grab and high bond strength, allowing insulation to be hung in 24 hours. Check an anchor pin before hanging insulation to be sure it is secure. Cure times will be affected by humidity.  Each tube covers approximately 200 pins.


    • Use for rigid board and fibrous, semi-rigid board insulation masonry walls, ducts and metal buildings
    • Adhesive can be used with nylon and metal based pins
    • Immediate grab and high bond strength
    • Insulation can be hung the next day
    • Adheres to painted and galvanized surfaces
    • Excellent thermal shock resistance
    • Water resistant
    • Low odor
    • VOC Compliant
    • Qualifies for LEED Credits
    • Primerless adhesion to damp and non-porous surfaces

    See all the advantages of using Boss 180 Multi-Seal Insulation pin adhesive in the video below from the manufacturer.