SilentFiber™ Fiberglass Boards

SilentFiber™ Fiberglass Boards are rigid yet lightweight acoustic fiberglass boards made for effective and affordable broadband sound absorption. SilentFiber™ Fiberglass Boards are available in various thicknesses with an NRC rating of up to 1.15. These boards are ideal for use in auditoriums, concert halls, public theaters, home theaters and anywhere else where acoustic performance is important. Acoustic Fiberglass Boards are easily cut to size with a utility knife or shears and can be mounted to walls or ceilings.

Available in Dual Density, Mat Faced, and Plain Faced Fiberglass Board varieties.

Effective Sound Absorption: Eliminate unwanted boundary reflections and control excess room reverberation with these fiberglass boards. SilentFiber™ Fiberglass Boards eliminate slap-echo between parallel surfaces and improve signal-to-noise ratio for listening or recording.

Easy Installation: SilentFiber™ Fiberglass Boards are a great choice for custom installations or DIY acoustics. Fiberglass Boards are easily cut to size with a Utility Knife or 6 inches Boning Knife and can be mounted to walls or ceilings. Acoustic fiberglass boards can also be used to create soffit or corner bass traps.

Low-Cost: Not only are acoustic fiberglass boards effective, but they are also affordable. Sound Acoustic Solutions will provide you with the sound of silence within your budget!


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  • SilentFiber™ Dual Density Fiberglass Boards

    SilentFiber™ Dual Density Fiberglass Boards are medium impact resistant and designed for high traffic areas where both durability and acoustic treatments is important. Made to order tackable rigid dual density fiberglass boards come with a 6# fiberglass core layered with a 16# fiberglass board face. Tackable boards may be custom ordered with varying densities as well.

    Popular Applications:

    • Office workstation
    • Commercial hallways
    • Schools
    • Theaters